I grew up in Beijing, China. Throughout my youth China had a long period of political turmoil and education system was in complete chaos. My father found me an art teacher so I spent many happy hours drawing and painting watercolors to pass time.

China’s higher education system started to resume normality in 1977. In 1978 I took the national college entrance examination and entered Tsinghua University to study architecture. The following year a group of fresh year students (including me) were given the opportunity to study abroad on Chinese government scholarship. After graduation I worked for more than ten years with three renowned architectural firms in London. 

In 1996 our second child was born with many medical issues and we began our nomadic life trotting the globe following my husband’s work relocation. We moved from London to Tokyo, to New York, to Hong Kong and finally back to New York in 2015. I chose to be a full time mom and homemaker.

In 2007 while we were in Hong Kong, I felt a strong yearning to draw and paint again. I bought some art materials, signed myself up to some evening classes and started learning and working with great enthusiasm.

“Art is a strange thing, art is who we are.  ” Georgia O’Keeffe

Life is a series of endless experiences. I consider the creative process as an extension of all facets of human experience: the passion and desire, the honesty and humbleness, the hope and reality, the joy and despair, the fear and perseverance….

My artworks are reflections and results of all those experiences.

Email: mei@meiyuworks.art